About Me

I grew up in a remote part of South Australia in the comfort of my small community of family and friends where everyone knows everyone and everything about them. I am very fortunate to have enjoyed my youth with a strong sense of love, acceptance and security within this environment.

As I grew older and went my own ways I really enjoyed going to new places, meeting new people and discovering different ways of life. This encouraged me to keep an open mind to everyone, as you can learn so much from the people you meet. I have been lucky to experience some travel within parts of Australia, I found that the freedom of solo travel was the most empowering experience I have had through the people I met and the experiences I had during this time.  I learned the importance of being yourself to strengthen the connection with the right people.

I now live back in the same area as where I grew up in a beautiful coastal town where watching the sunset over the sea is one of my favourite things to do. I have a beautiful daughter who I am so grateful  to have in my life, she teaches me about life everyday.  She is my drive to continue to try to be a better person than what I was yesterday and in return to teach her the importance of being and believing in yourself.

It can be difficult to connect with like minded people when you live remote, but over the years I have taken any opportunities when possible  to join a variety of courses, workshops or retreats including meditation, reiki, essential oils and hypnotherapy.   I love everything I’ve learned and the people I have met during these experiences and  I want to continue to grow my knowledge in all things alternative, holistic and spiritual. This is where my inspiration grew for Zensational Life, to bring businesses and people together who empower, inspire, heal and transform themselves and others by chasing their desires to create a better life. A place of all things Zen.


Do you own a spiritual or holistic wellbeing business, run retreats, spiritual and wellbeing festivals or courses?  I am here to help you, help others.  You can focus on doing what you do best while I promote your wonderful services and products to your next clients.