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Ryan S Harvey takes you on a 7 day journey to begin
letting go of the negative and embracing the positive!

Most of you would have heard of or tried a cleanse for your body,

what about a cleanse for your mind?

Instead of watching what you put in your mouth – you watch what you put in your mind!

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

People can easily get caught up in the negative around them and start to focus on the wrong things like –
What’s NOT going right, What ISN’T working, What I WISH I had, What I SHOULD be doing each day, The people who AREN’T supporting me,
The way I WISH my life was, 
The money I DON’T have, The things I DON’T have…

We’re only human and it’s our default hardwiring for us to go to the negative first.
BUT what if…Just WHAT IF you could reprogram your brain for POSITIVITY?

Can you imagine if you were able to finally master that little voice in your head and learn to shift your thoughts instantly?

This course is for anyone who wants to:
+ develop a more positive outlook
+ banish limiting beliefs
+ step into their higher self
+ take their business, relationships and life NEXT-LEVEL
+ become a master manifestor
+ who’s committed to becoming the BEST version of themselves

Do you want to test your limits and push your mind!

JOIN US for a 7-day positivity challenge to train your mind and learn to embrace the positive!
1 X 5-minute video each day of the week
You can do this at home in your own time alone or with our group for support and accountability



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