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Essential oils are typically associated with aromatherapy. They contain naturally occurring substances that work harmoniously to provide several benefits to the body. Essential oils have a volatile property i.e. they evaporate very quickly. So your brain is triggered without the inhalation of any overpowering smells.

Some essential oils have been identified to have a very calming effect on your central nervous system. These oils allow help relieve the anxiety and stress in your body thereby allowing you to relax. Scientific research suggests that anxiety can lead to the development of ‘acidic conditions’ in your body. And the activation of an enzyme ultimately causes the anxiety to get stored in your DNA. In such a scenario, essential oils help your body to reduce the impact of this reaction. Essential oils are also often used for releasing old emotional traumas. These old contain ‘sesquiterpenes’ molecules that can penetrate the blood-brain wall and oxygenate the brain.

There are different essential oils for managing different emotions. For example, some essential oils that help manage anger include bergamot, neroli, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and vetiver. Similarly, essential oils that effectively reduce anxiety and related symptoms include clary sage, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, lavender and geranium.

There are unlimited essential oils available for use in aromatherapy and the benefits of the therapy are not just physical, but spiritual as well. Some of the most commonly noted essential oil benefits include

  • Stress relief
  • Mood stabilization
  • Improved energy
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved sleep
  • Nausea and pain relief

Synergy is a very crucial element of essential oils and aromatherapy. You will find that a blend of different essential oils will work much better than a single essential oil. Further, skilled aromatherapists have the knowledge and expertise to explore unlimited possibilities with essential oils.

You may also find that an oil that produces certain results for others, does not produce the same results for you. And the great thing about essential oils, is that you have many to choose from. So if one doesn’t give the intended result, there are always several others that you can try.

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